Kitchen Design

OK you have  done a load of research into kitchens. Seen loads of kitchen images and have a good idea of what you want in terms of colour style and layout. Your just not sure if its possible and will it fit? That is where we come in. You are just a 3 simple steps away now to visualising your dream kitchen and us providing you with and amazing  presentation of your  kitchen. All from the comfort of your armchair 🙂


Step 1)

Attach and email us any plans or scale drawings you may have of the project. Even if they are hand drawn it doesn’t matter just as long as your critical dimensions are accurate enough to proceed with a design! Do not worry if  you think your a couple of centimetres  out. Your fitter or installer will always make a final measurement before you purchase or order the units.


Step 2)

Try and think about how and why you use your kitchen. For example does it have a lot of traffic with kids or pets? Do you prepare meals often or perhaps not!. What kind of kitchen you need can go along way to determining the type of materials that go into building it from worktops to door panels and what appliances you require. If you are in any  doubt at this stage why not contact us at Nukitchn Design.

Gather a wish  list of all the necessary kitchen features which you would like included and inserted into the design…….

  • Appliances
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Sink & Taps
  • Up-stands & Back-Splashes
  • Flooring
  • Door Panels and Handles
  • Countertops


Step 3)


Buy a Design  so we can begin to create your dream kitchen for you.